Eco – Silver

Doing our best for the environment

You would never know by looking at them, but our beautiful jewellery boxes are actually made from plant materials and are 100% biodegradable. Too many things are wasted now days and thrown away without a thought, at least if you don’t find a use for your cute wee box you can have a clear continence that you’re not adding to a big problem.

We are also so proud that every one of our ‘Home is where the heart is’ pendants are now cut from 100% recycled ECO-Silver. This cuts down hugely on emissions that are released when new sheets of silver are made. There is absolutely no difference in quality between new and recycled but it makes a huge difference to the health of the planet.

We are hoping to eventually make everything out of Eco-silver and are hoping that the price comes down to make this possible.

Every little thing can make a difference.