How to put on a bracelet with one hand

A while ago someone asked me for a simple way for them to attach their bracelet without asking someone to help.

So here is how I close the clasp on my bracelets…


Step one

Pick out your favourite bracelet that you would like to wear.

I have chosen my lovely silver feather today.



Step Two

Since I am going to wear it on my right wrist, I find the clasp and hold it in my left hand.




Step Three

Once I have a hold of the clasp I place the chain in-between right wrist and my jumper.

The clasp is now dangling towards the floor, with the other end over my wrist.



Step four

Now that the chain won’t fall onto the floor you can easily take the clasp from under your arm and close it.



Step Five

Check it’s secure and get on with your day!



Hopefully this will be useful to you! I will be posting on here frequently from now on…

so keep your eyes peeled for some fun posts!




Thank you for reading,